Advanced, Efficient Dental Care

By incorporating modern technology into our practice, we’re able to provide gentler, more efficient treatments that are safer for our patients and staff. These proven advancements make it possible to preserve your smile as best as possible and limit the extent of dental treatments you need in the future. 


Air-Flow Handpieces

Using air power, our quiet drills eliminate the high-pitched noises of a conventional dental practice. 



High Resolution Microscopes

When it comes to your smile, even the smallest details are important. Dental microscopes allow for higher accuracy during both the most complex and simplest of cases.   


Dental Lasers and Drill Free Fillings

Safe laser technology provides us with options for removing tooth decay without drills, and completing soft tissue treatments in a comfortable, minimally-invasive manner. The results: gentler treatments and a faster recovery. 


OPG X-Rays

Full mouth digital X-rays provide us with a unique viewpoint in regard to planning complex reconstruction, orthodontic, or implant cases. 


Digital X-rays

Compared to traditional dental X-rays, digital imaging reduces radiation by as much as 90%, not to mention saves you valuable time. We’ll discuss our findings with you, so you can see everything for yourself. 

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